Farewell DC

Awaken in a cardboard castle
Climb in my snowy beast and turn the key
Roll down Elm street, taking in my rainbow row

Traffic cop brightens my 2,191st day with his smile
Chats with bikers and skips with children across the street
Will I never know his name?

The blind man waits patiently for the bus
Shading his eyes, straining to see
Does he know I send him love each day I speed by?

Fog sits over a sleepy Potomac
And a tear, at last, is pulled down my cheek
As the Key Bridge sways to embrace me



A blank mind

Tired eyes stare through an empty wall,



Tap, tap, tap.


An idea flickers;

An image, a phrase.

Reach out- grab it fast!


A pen, paper, endless bag, nothing-

Unlock phone, open notes, finally there!



Thought gone.


Close eyes tight…

Open empty mind.

Still waiting.